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One of the positive parts of the 2020 pandemic and the accompanying lockdown was that it created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to join two adventurers on a 500 kilometre journey on-foot through the Kruger National Park and surrounds. How did this come about, you ask? Well, it started when my friend and field guide Grant Christi, who I met on The Rim of Africa hike, called me up to ask me if I would be interested in filming a three week trek through the wilderness, aimed at raising funds for game lodges and their local communities whom they support and engage with.

The tourism industry was one of the hardest hit by the lockdown measures, with no international guests staying for months on end. This lack of economic activity trickles down directly to the community upliftment projects that the lodges run, which becomes almost impossible to fund in a regular way like before.

This was a very significant experience, where I met so many amazing people doing amazing things for their communities and our national wildlife heritage.

This is the end product: