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It really felt like going full circle. Being back in my hometown, filming on the campus on which I was studying film studies way back in the day, dreaming of doing bigger things. Now I was directing and filming a new brand video for the North West University with good friend and fellow alumni Sinki Mlambo and her company, 90 degrees PR.

The team at 90 degrees PR brainstormed the new campaign “Become More” for the university, and was tasked with bringing it to life in a video (along with existing footage from the university) for their social media channels with very short notice for production and post-production. They finalised the content and storyboard, and helped with identifying the right talent to feature in the video.

The filming day was a lot of fun. It was a cloudy summer’s day, which is great for getting that perfect diffused lighting look in video. We utilised a stabilised camera system to get smooth shots, in order to do some post-production magic in the edit with speed ramps and creative sound design. One of the scenes was a motion-controlled time-lapse setup that showcases a group of students solving a problem over the span of an hour or so. This was great fun to film.

The final product is something I and the team at 90 degrees PR are extremely proud of, and you can see it right here: