about me

Originally a farmboy, I grew up in the countryside cutting my film making teeth with home-made western movies, filmed with my first camcorder and some friends. My passion for making videos grew as I got older, and luckily my skills too. Telling people’s stories through documentary films remains one of my biggest passions.


After finishing a degree in documentary film, and making a bunch of short films along the way, I started a multimedia company with my brother, called MSM Productions. The company is still going strong but I decided to spread my wings, and in 2016 decided to work as a videographer on a cruise ship. After doing that for a season, I’m now freelancing, still working closely with MSM on a project-to-project basis.

My name is Donny Westhouse

Natively known as Danie van der Westhuizen. I am a freelance film maker and content creator.

Think it Imagine it Create it


Creating and capturing stories of inspiring or interesting humans and places, and portraying them with my creative vision.